2018 5k

On November 3, the East Juniata NHS hosted a “Turkey Trot” 5K marathon.

Ella Snyder
Jana Snyder
Albert Heister

According to one of the participating runners, Jana Snyder, “Despite the wind it was a beautiful day for a run.” However, she was not running the race alone.

Alongside her, her 7 year-old daughter, Ella Snyder, also participated. Jana said, “It was nice to have a race that we could do together.” In fact, Ella won first place in time with her age group–and it was her first 5K! “She was excited to be the youngest runner,” Jana explained.

Some of the other participants include: Albert Heister, Brody Powell, Rowan Smith, Tracey Roe, Kobe Bonnell, and Graham Fowler.

The age group winners include: Ella Snyder, Albert Heister, and Graham Fowler.

The overall winners include: Albert Heister for the male category and Tracey Roe for the female category.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to all of the participants and volunteers!


2018-2019 Induction

October 17, 2018 marked the Induction ceremony of the 2018-2019 East Juniata chapter of National Honor Society! Newly elected president, Serina Tressler, opened the ceremony. She welcomed the audience to this important event and explained the importance of it.

Following was Tori Hoar, the vice president.  She explained the importance of the National Honor Society itself.

Afterwards, the officers—Hannah Tamanini, Odessa Groninger, and Camilla Groce—and senior members—Hayden Slingland and Kayla Forry—elaborated on the symbols of NHS. These symbols include the keystone, the green candle representing Character, the red candle representing Service, the purple candle representing Leadership,  and the yellow candle representing Scholarship.

Senior memeber Conner Clayton described the inductee qualifications, which was followed by the senior members Bryson Kantz and Carly Beaver introducing the new inductees to the National Honor Society.

The following students were the newest inductees…

Seniors: Ethan Jamison

Juniors: Molly Diehl and Carlee Becker

Sophomores: Carlee Barrick, Amara Brubaker, Cade Brubaker, Kierstyn Fogle, Natayla Granados-Vore, Brianna Henry, Isabella Hund, Daniel Kanagy, Isabella Malocu, Jadyn Martin, Paige Ritzman, Alyssa Robinson, Ethan Roe, Gannon Ryan, Coy Shaffer, Tiana Terry, and Marin Varner

After lighting their candles, the new inductees repeated the NHS pledge after senior member Emily Kuhn. In extinguishing their candles, they sealed the pledge.

Then, the presentation of flowers for the senior members of NHS was carried out by junior members Paige Smith and Margaret Edwards. The senior members of the National Honor Society include….

Taylor Apple, Carly Beaver, Rebecca Book, Conner Clayton, Maddison Coudriet, Kayla Forry, Camilla Groce, Odessa Groninger, Alyssa Hibbs, Tori Hoar, Ethan Jamison, Bryson Kantz, Emily Kuhn, Clay Leitzel, Lexi Moyer, Hayden Slingland, Beau Stuck, Hailey Swartz, Hannah Tamanini, and Serina Tressler.

The event ended with president Serina Tressler closing the ceremony and taking pictures of all of the members of the National Honor Society commenced.

Congratulations to all of the new inductees and good luck on everyone’s National Honor Society journey!

Welcome Back

Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 6th to elect officers as our induction is only a month later.  If you plan to run for an office, please email me so that I can add you to the ballot and send you the job descriptions.  You will need to give a brief speech about why you are the best person for the office.  Only seniors may hold NHS offices.

Duties of the East Juniata High School Scholarian

National Honor Society Officers


 Preside over all meetings.

 Meet with advisers to update them on chapter activities and goals.

 Assume leadership role in organizing fundraisers and service projects.

 Organize Induction Ceremony.

 Research possible service projects and activities for the chapter.

 Organize the annual Blood Drive.

Vice President

 Preside over all meetings in absence of President.

 Determine all meeting dates to be approved by the advisers.

 Write up and document releases to web site and yearbook about upcoming events.

 Assume leadership role in organizing fundraisers and service projects.

 *Service Project Activities: Make up check-sheet and alphabetized notebook for all

current members and new members.

 *Service Project Activities: Explain individual service projects to members each spring

and fall.


 Take minutes at all meetings-copy and give to advisor.

 Read back minutes from previous meetings.

 Keep accurate attendance-contact members who have missed meeting without notifying


 Write announcements and have them approved by advisor.

 Distribute all information and materials for fundraisers and service projects.

 Assume leadership role in organizing fundraisers and service projects.

 *Service Project Activities: Distribute and collect service project requirements and

proposals to all members.

 *Service Project Activities: Review service project proposals and adjust, then contact

members as needed.


 Get current copy of NHS account balance and transactions from Mrs. Hund.

 Keep ledger/updated record of all transactions.

 Complete all orders and submit to Mrs. Hund.

 Collect all money made or raised by chapter, and fill out deposit slips when necessary.

 Take accurate inventory of all needed supplies and make orders.

 Fill out budget at the end of the year.

 Fill out NHS chapter information for the following year.

 *Service Project Activities: Distribute and collect completed service project final

assessments and file in notebook.

*Service Project Activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Community service hours in school (10)

Community service hours out of school (20)


Blood Drive

5K, Springfest, Blood Drive

Please don’t forget to sign up to work and bring donations for the 5K, Springfest and Blood Drive we are having on April 7th.  The Blood Drive is open to the public so please spread the word so that we can have a successful drive!  All they have to do is go to https://www.redcross.org/give-blood and search for EJHS and sign up using the online scheduling.

Also, we hope to have many runners/walkers here that day so we will need all of the help that we can get to make this huge day a success.  It is also a great opportunity for hours as this day, except the blood drive for senior high, can count as either in or out of school hours.

Springfest is a fun time for our elementary students and it is another fundraising opportunity to help Austin’s family.  We need people to work games, decorating projects, etc.  Please see me if you want to work but you are not sure what to sign up for.

Donations can be brought in starting Wednesday and I will hold on to them for that Saturday.

Sign up sheets for donations and shifts are outside of my room ~ sign up today!